Acrosser Technology rack mount network appliance meets RASUM guideline

commonly used for evaluating server products, and the so-called RASUM guideline consists of the first letters of the five important criteria for selecting the server.

No matter web server, mail server or other network application platform, stability and reliability are absolutely the first 2 priority considerations for buyers because even for a short period mechanical failure will cause great loss in business.

In all-sized enterprises, the server must work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without any pause, to provide services to customers and users constantly. The server is asked to have long-term stability, therefore, availability is similar to reliability, both of them point out that the machine should be durable and with low failure rate.

Server must have a certain degree of scalability because the technology continues to improving. If the server does not have some scalability, then the previous investment will become a waste, and this waste is a luxury for any business. Therefore, in order to maintain scalability, the server must have reserved spaces for expansions, such as for HDD and RAM expansions and operation system upgrade.

Compared with personal computers, the servers need more professional maintenance from skilled IT staff. However, IT staffs have become busier because of the popularity of UTM which integrated several systems in one machine. To solve this potential problem, manufacturers must consider usability, such as accessibility, friendly user interface, when they design the server product. 

Although we expect servers to run continuously, system errors still happen, no matter how good the products are. A good management and monitoring system can eliminate unnecessary failures, reduce the chance of system errors, and improve server efficiency, as well as the IT staff efficiency.

Acrosser Technology network appliances are fully compliant with RASUM guideline. Acrosser Technology not only provides products with high reliability and availability, but also provides our customers appliances with the best scalability and manageability in the industry. Choosing Acrosser Technology is your best choice for building servers and workstations.

Currently, Acrosser Technology has 6 network appliance product lines:

Micro Box: AND-J190/J180N2-C6/411, AND-G420N1. 
Rack mount: ANR-J190/J180N2-C6/412, ANR-IB75N2/A/B, ANR-IB75N1/A/B, ANR-IH61N1/A/B.

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