It is expected that the market value of embedded systems will reach USD 3.05 billion by year 2020

According to the latest report from market research firm HIS-Markit, in 2015 the market value of embedded computer systems had reached USD 2.54 billion, with the forecast for the next five years projecting an annual growth rate of 3.7%. It is expected that the market value of embedded systems will reach USD 3.05 billion by year 2020. Moreover, the said report also mentioned that the overall market trend   is that system type tends to be miniaturized in order to align with the vast number of potential demands created by the latest microprocessors.

At the same time, IHS-Markit’s report also included the traditional system motherboard form such as the xTCA in 2015, with a decline in revenue of 13%, while in the next five years showing decline at an annual rate of -11%. In the future, market demand will be very different with the various types of embedded system motherboards. Prior to year 2025, driven by demands from industrial automation and industry 4.0, COM form of the motherboard will be the most popular program, with the market growth rate in the next five years expected up to 8.6%. Noteworthy to mention is that these small size modules are specifically suitable for limited spaces, while still being highly flexible, thereby making these the perfect solution for medium to large projects. There is also a substantial increase for other standard computer motherboards (such as Micro ATX, Mini ITX …) due to the increasing demands for industrial automation. In the next five years, the annual growth rate for these boards is expected as high as 7.7%.

Acrosser offers customers a variety of highly flexible design embedded system motherboards, including COM Express motherboard and Mini ITX motherboard. The Acrosser AMB-HM76B1 COM Express board supports COM Express type 6 and Intel CPU from Celeron to Core i7. Meanwhile, AMB-HM76B1COM Express also supports unique fanless design, which can enhance system stability and meet the customers’ needs of continuous line test. Acrosser Mini ITX motherboard solution includes high to low-level models and all kinds of platforms that provide customers with diverse computing options and fulfill customers’ needs and requirements.

The Acrosser Mini ITX motherboard solutions:

Acrosser Intel SoC platform product line includes AMB-BS3T1 which supports latest 14nm Intel Brasewell Celeron N3150 and AMB-BT45B1 and AMB-BT18T2, which support Intel Bay Trail series Atom E3815 to Celeron J1900 CPU. Besides, Acrosser AMB-IH81T1 supports CPU from Celeron, Pentium to Core i7.

Acrosser AMD CPU platform product line includes AMB-A55ET1 which supports AMD Dual Core T56N APU, low power consumption, high-precision graphics processing, and high-resolution display for up to four independent monitors.

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