Stay Alert, Act Agile – Municipal Vehicle Management

Municipal Vehicle Management

‧Municipal Vehicle, such as police car and fire truck. (Canada)‧Canada government use AR-V6002FL in their municipal vehicle to be a control center. With built-in wireless communication module, operator can locate their position and feedback the information for dispatcher immediately. There is also a dashboard with more than 70 gauges in the vehicle, Acrosser platform help monitor data and trigger the events following their rules.

Municipal vehicles facilitate public services that are deeply connected to providing safety and security in our daily lives; however, accidents can still occur. It is extremely important that civil officers are able to react instantly to accidents and crime. Municipal vehicles require steady and reliable solutions because of their harsh working environments. One of the problems that these municipal vehicles must handle is adaptability to battery voltage changes. Thanks to the smart power management subsystem incorporated in its in-vehicle system, Acrosser’s vehicle PC provides a wide DC input range, even in mobile operating environments.

Reasons why Acrosser’s vehicle PC is good for law enforcement deployment include:
‧x86-based system for easy integration
‧customized mechanical design
‧design specialized for vehicular environments
‧long-term support and service capability
‧compatibility with integrated solutions